Virtual Interactive Workshops

    Join Otis Admissions for two different virtual workshops. These are great "warm-ups" to get your creativity flowing, and while the focus is more on having fun with the process, you might even make (or be inspired to make) pieces you can add to your portfolio!

    Experimental Contour Drawing: In this 45-minute workshop, we will experiment with 3 different contour drawing techniques. We will be focusing on the process of drawing, hand eye connection, and making drawings that will probably end up looking quite silly (and that is okay)! This is a great workshop for students who are feeling stuck in their art process or looking for a new way to approach their work!

    Collage with Otis College: In this 45-minute workshop, we will define and create collages. We will also explore how collage could impact your work in other mediums. Students will be asked to be prepared with some basic materials ahead of time. This is a great workshop for students who want to experiment with different materials and compositions in their artwork!

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